3 thoughts on “DSCN0026

  1. J.H. van Trigt

    if I count the number off turns inside the ring coils it’s stil one turn more than in the schematic?
    What i am missing.

  2. Bob Frick

    Well, I decided to open my eyes, looked at the RF board (Low pass filter schematic) a second time, and the turn count is right were it should be..

  3. Bob Frick

    I have just received my full kit V.7, very impressive.

    I noticed the low-pass filter coils are described in the schematic in uh, however the required turns count is not part of the schematic.
    Did I miss this the turn count information?

    I do own a L/R/C meter, so it is not a big problem to test the required turns count as described in uh via the RF board schematic


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