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mcHF Cases and How to Source Them

We will no longer supply cases for self build mcHF kits.

But don’t worry, it’s SUPER EASY to source the cases individually from AliExpress or eBay.

Search criteria is keyword ‘mcHF case’ and choosing criteria should be nothing but the price. All cases have exactly the same outer shell and accessory packs with buttons, screws, caps for encoders, speaker. The ONLY difference is the shielding plate and all variations of the plate need DIY modifications. The typical mod is to do with openings for the tall capacitors. Please check the video below for a visual explanation.

Prices vary between $39 to $45 plus delivery to your destination.





mcHF availability

We are starting to resume sales of mcHF kits in all configurations. Current shipping time could still present some delays depending on country and customs across borders.

For individual purchase of cases I can share this link with you:


Sheathing plate will need minor DIY to fit with V0.6.3, but outer shell dimensions for most models advertised are identical.

Lucy Jeliazkova

Availability of mcHF kits

Purchasing any of our products is not available at the moment due to Coronavirus affecting our Lcd supplier working schedule. We have not being able to obtain an update to this current situation and can not advice how long this may carry on before normal shipping arrangements are restored.

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

Chris and Lucy

New mcHF group

Hello everyone,

It is probably known by now that Yahoo is closing it’s group service, so we have decided to move the mcHF group to  Will try to keep settings the same, so membership will require approval by moderators. Also will try to backup whatever we can from Yahoo, as they will delete all files and photos on 14th Dec 2019. Unfortunately the automatic backup didn’t
work, so we are doing whatever we can to download everything manually.

You can access the new group here.