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Keypad Troubles

It seems the designing and drawing of a keypad is a long and tedious task. I spent the whole day on it and I am still nowhere near a complete drawing. The next step is making the CAM program and, finally, to see if CNC can cut it the way it looks on the drawing. It is a long shot, but it’s worth a try…


mcHF casing

At last it is time to finalize the mcHF casing. So I start from a very rough drawing


showing the front panel, the UI board sandwiched together with the RF board, then some space for a speaker and mosfets/regulators and end up with 3D model of the back plate. It is the same size as the front panel, same fixing grooves on the edges and slot for speaker plus a grill.


Front Panel Cut

I had to cut a new front panel due to small discrepancies in the LCD dimensions (had to guess the boundaries while doing the PCB). All in all the LCD back cut needed to be moved 0.5mm to the right, all the rest fits perfectly. The CAM program is still the same, it takes too long due to the minimizing of vibrations to prevent the loosening up of the fixtures during the cut. I have managed to shoot two videos while bored, waiting for the program to finish. Watch here, or on Youtube, best possible resolution is 720p(blame my iPhone).


It is ALIVE!

First UI board soldered by me, and its working! It took a day work of careful checking and soldering, drafting the exact order of component install, while recording possible errors on the PCB, footprints mismatch and other details. Here it is:


mcHF site up, UI boards are here

Last night I managed to buy the new domain, set up the hosting, install WordPress and complete the basic setup of the new site.

This morning I received a pleasant surprise in the post – the first revision of the UI board is here. Thank you Quick-Teck!

Here is the board:



It will be two days of soldering…