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v 0.170 is up

new version of the firmware:

mcHF v –  28 April 2014

– Updated power coefficients for 20m, it seems they were wrong
due to badly adjusted LPF
– bug fix when loaded band from eeprom was not matching saved
– added 60m band

New LCD driver in 0.169

Finally the new update is done. Version of the mcHF firmware 0.169 is up for download in the Latest Releases section. Now all three types of LCDs could be used with the UI board – the original HY28A SPI only, the old HY28A parallel only and the new dual interface HY28A. The latest source code is also available for download.

The bad news here is that the parallel only and the dual interface LCD has it’s panel installed upside down (180 degree rotated). It was probably more convenient for the manufacturer for internal wiring, but since the panel has non symmetric bezel, now the function buttons on screen and the front panel cut do not match exactly.

I am still thinking of possible solution, the choices are:

  • New revision of the UI board, with rotated LCD footprint
  • New UI board with function buttons moved left a bit, plus new front panel with re-designed cut for the LCD to match the bezel and buttons cuts moved as well


New LCD support

It seems i have to add support for the new LCD, while keeping the code and board compatible with the old one. It was good idea to buy this fine pitch connector for experiments, it is time to solder one special board


Important Note on LCD types

I have updated the UI board soldering guide with this information, but i will post here as well.

It is important to check what type of LCD you have. The HY28 LCD so far has three versions – serial only, parallel only and the latest model – dual support (interface select via 0 ohm resistors). The first two are named the same (HY28A), the difference is that the interface that is not in use is not connected on top layer. The dual version is named HY28B, the problem with this one is that the SPI bus is not on the same pins as the previous two versions and not compatible with the UI board revision 0.1 and 0.2. To make this work, before soldering, some traces cutting is needed. As far as the parallel interface, it is not supported in the mcHF firmware yet. On my ToDo list.lcd_types

Fig1: LCD types(click for a larger view)

New mcHF firmware 0.168

Just uploaded the latest firmware, what is new:

mcHF v –  15 April 2014

– SWR protection implemented, it will be activated on too
much reflected power, PROT indicator in red will show. To
reset, change band or restart
– Bug fix, FWD and REF measurements swapped in software
– Updated TX power output levels for the indicator
– Fixed power factor values for more even distribution in
different bands
– Activated the power level control, now will affect the
output level in Tune, CW and SSB modes

Updated Schematics

I have just updated the UI and RF board schematics, the previous pdf files were not displaying the junctions correctly and was bit confusing to read them. All fixed now. The RF schematics now include winding instructions for all transformers and toroids – antenna switching module, PA and LPFs.