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Two days after the release of the Full mcHF kit, i have been overwhelmed with orders. Processing those takes enormous time and with the upcoming Bank Holiday Monday, realistically i can start shipping them on Tuesday (1 Sept) at earliest. Please drop me a mail if you are need confirmation of the status of your order.

The mcHF Full Kit is finally here!


Happy to announce that i have finally managed to prepare the full mcHF kit and offer it for sale. The final price is bit more than what i have expected, but comparing old and new BOM, it seems lots of components have jumped in price at least a 100%. Very few chips have gone down. Please keep in mind if this price is too much, there is always the option of just buying the boards and ordering the components yourself or use whatever is available from the junk box. Full list of the components and order codes for Farnell, Ebay and Digikey in the BOM at the Hardware page.

I have also listed the RF components pack only (no PCB, just parts) for OMs who purchased the UIKit and RF board in the last few weeks. I will keep this online, until interest dries out.

I haven’t included the final MOSFETs and the speaker in the kits, as those are expensive, bulky and in the case of the transistors – not easy to source.

I am sorry, the PCB KIT (only boards) is temporary off-line. I am running low on boards, hopefully will get some more in a week time and restore the product.

Any questions please post here or drop me a mail.

73, Chris

PCB shortage


I just had to remove the PCB KIT and the RF board from the Order page as i am running low on the RF board specifically. All was well planned, but DF8OE (Andreas Richter) have published an article in a German ham radio magazine about the mcHF, which caused a bit more orders than usual.

Again i will try my best to bring back all to normal, sorry for inconvenience caused.

73, Chris

Order page offline


I am sorry, but i will go on a small break for the next 3-4 days, so i have disabled the Order page temporarily. I will put it back on, when i am back and will be able to process the orders. All outstanding orders will be sent tomorrow morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.