Monthly Archives: October 2015

Some kits available and important FW update


I have just added some RF COMPONENTS PACKs on the order page. If anyone who has the RF board needs the components, please check it out.

Also important new firmware update from Clint – FM mode fully supported on
RX and TX, plus some other goodies (repeater subtones, etc..) Check it out in the group.


Been a while


I haven’t been able to update this blog lately, mainly due to personal commitments and busy with the kits preparation. I also haven’t been able to approve and respond to comments, sorry about that.

The main question – i need to order full kit, when ?  I am preparing some kits and when i have quantity ready to ship – i post in my twitter feed, which is then reflected in the status of the right side panel on the blog. In simple words, it is posted on the blog when i have some quantity to ship.

I am also working on providing more quantity of kits, hopefully soon the situation of no stock would be resolved.

Thank you everyone for the patience.

73, Chris