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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

I have finished the new, partially soldered kit quantity. There will be some more after the holidays, so don’t worry if you have missed out. I have PCBs in stock, if anyone need, i will try to send out, when working times of the Post Office allow.

Thank you everyone for your support for the project, we had many OMs from Germany and near by countries joining us this year.

Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


New, partially soldered mcHF full kit!


I have some good news. I have managed to get a quantity of the mcHF boards populated by a factory. The parts soldered are mostly capacitors and resistors, those that were most boring to solder due to their high volume.

IMG_0267But don’t worry there are still some components for your to solder – about 90 on the RF boards and 35 on the UI board. Detailed lists for both boards could be checked here:

UI board here

RF board here

Unfortunately this reflects on the price, because i had to pay for the soldering process. For OMs who are less fortunate and the kit is now outside of their affordable price range, there is still the option of getting just the PCBs and ordering the components from supplied BOM.

I have updated the PayPal buttons as well, so some quantity is available to purchase via the Order page. I am still not sure if i should send before Xmas, due to high chance of the Post Office loosing the packages. Maybe i can arrange this individually, please drop me a mail if you are concerned.

73, Chris