Monthly Archives: February 2016

Assembly error notice!


I have just been informed of assembly error that affects the partially assembled Full kit PCBs. Two resistors R78 and R80 in the PA driver stage have been installed with value 4.7k, instead of 4.7 Ohm! The result is very low power on higher bands. I will rectify this problem by installing correct values on all kits, before shipping from now on. But if you have already got a kit with the partially assembled boards and have trouble obtaining the two 4.7 Ohm resistors in 0805 package, please drop me a mail, i will send you some, free of charge.

Please accept my apologies for the error, i did solder a set and tested it to the best of my abilities, but it seems i have missed that.

Special thanks to Bob(G4APV) for discovering and reporting the problem!

73, Chris