Monthly Archives: February 2017

Kits and PCBs out of stock


Temporary the components kit is out of stock, due to shortage of v 0.6 PCBs. I will get some next week hopefully and can offer blank boards and the components kit again. Sorry about this everyone.

The only thing i have ready to ship is few v 0.5 RF blank boards, if anyone is interested.


Components kit v 0.6


Have been a while. I have managed to prepare a limited number of the good, old components kits. But updated to PCB revision 0.6. Please note, this is not the Full Kit with pre-assembled SMD components from factory! It is just two blank PCBs(v 0.6) with four bags with pre-selected components – two bags with SMD parts and two bags for post assembly (after PCB cleaning). Also included is the LCD, but no MOSFETs or speaker as usual. If interested, please check the Order page.

About the 0.6 documentation – probably tomorrow. New schematics, BOM, packing lists, pdf with full description of changes, etc…

The full kits and blank boards v 0.6 would be available probably in the middle of March. Sorry for the long delay, i have been caught badly by the Chinese New Year this time.