Monthly Archives: November 2017

mcHF revision 0.7


It has been anticipated for some time. I think the new revision 0.7 is ready. I have uploaded all relevant files into a single zip archive. Please check the Downloads page.

Why single zip file instead of separate files ? I have been blamed on social media that the cloning of the mcHF was somehow my fault, because my license terms were not very clear. True or not, now all project files will be distributed as single archive with clear license marking, just it case.

Detailed changes from 0.6 to 0.7 are listed in the pdf, i will update this file if it is not clear. In few words, there is a major mechanical change, instead of two boards, the mcHF will use three now. Main reasoning is to allow to expand the hardware as the limits of the old form factor were reached already anyway.

I am still waiting on some parts from various suppliers, but when everything is here, i will probably supply the new aluminium case with the full kits. This is mainly to address some incompatibility issues we had in previous revisions (LCD not fitting, etc). It will also allow for quicker changes and upgrades on the User Interface layout, which was difficult before.

Another problem which i plan to address is the programming of the CPU. Lots of OM did find loading of the bootloader and firmware challenging, so all kits (components and full) will come with everything pre-loaded.

I will try to list for sale some limited quantity of blank boards today or tomorrow, maybe another week for the components kit and i hope the Full Kit before xmas, but that depends on some pending orders, so lets see.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support! Without you guys this project would have not existed for four year!

73, Chris