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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

The 2017 was difficult year for the project, despite that, we are still here, somehow. I would like to personally thank everyone who supported us, by working on the code, buying the kits, providing useful feedback and mods suggestions and being patient with delays related to the new revision.

Backlog of full kits, will post when the Post Office opens (2-3 days) and the case, i have all the parts for it now, will make some pics and videos asap.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Krassi Atanassov (aka Chris) M0NKA

The Full Kit is back


The first batch of Full Kits, rev 0.7 is in stock. Please note that now it takes bit more time to prepare them, as i need to program each one of them.

The mini kit is still in stock as well (based on how long i will have LCDs).

Regarding the cases, i got my final shipment delayed by Fedex, so as fast as i get it, i will post some pictures, drawings and maybe a video of the case.


The first kits rev 0.7 are up for grabs


I have been overloaded with messages and e-mails since i have posted some pictures of the new revision of the mcHF. Apologies if i have not been able to answer or too slow, but switching to the new revision kit was huge logistical operation, even with the help of Lucy.

The first batch of Components Kit is ready, please check the Order page for detailed information. Just a few things though – we have planned to supply those kits with the case, but due to being sourced by four different suppliers, not everything is ready in time, so i am sorry. Will have to list it separate on a later date. Also i haven’t uploaded pictures of detailed boards assembly and the case yet, this is to come as well.

The current kit comes with three boards, six bags of parts, again SMD and post assembly. Also the kit will include speaker, the nice optical encoder and LED lit buttons. Maybe in the future we will resort to cheaper option – like mechanical replacement for the optical encoder and keeping the optical as a option, not supplying the speaker and using the older style buttons (footprint fits fine), all this to drop the kit cost down. Depends on how this revision would be met by fellow hams.

If you’ve been waiting, please check the Order page, the quantity is limited, but i hope to have the next batch before Xmas, all depends on how fast we can get parts during the busy period.

Edit: I forgot to mention that all kits from now on will come with CPU installed and programmed, as this was the main complaint by OMs – difficulty of loading the bootloader and firmware.