Keypad Troubles

It seems the designing and drawing of a keypad is a long and tedious task. I spent the whole day on it and I am still nowhere near a complete drawing. The next step is making the CAM program and, finally, to see if CNC can cut it the way it looks on the drawing. It is a long shot, but it’s worth a try…


4 thoughts on “Keypad Troubles

  1. Jose - CT1DGN

    Hi Chris,

    I meant we could use switches like Panasonic EVQP1D05M (farnell 2368378). These have silicon switchpad inside.
    In terms of button desin, from my experience as prod eng at Delphi Automotive (now I’m at Bosch), round ones are less susceptible to stuck and buttom size is critical as well, there is a minilam reletionship between larger dimension (h/w/diameter) and travel. A large and short button with long travel will stuck fore sure… than more complex design is needed with guiding ribs… 🙂

    But for now, I just would like to get the 2 PCB’s 🙂
    Regards, hav a nice weekend!


    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Jose,

      Just checked the Panasonic switch, it is really nice, but has minimum quantity of 2000, it is 61 pence each with this quantity, and is US stock only. If there is cheaper and more reliable source i would love to have few of those. It looks from the pdf that it will fit without problem with the current footprint.

      About PCBs, i will have both boards in quantity, give me 10 days please.

      73, Chris

  2. CT1DGN - Jose

    Ciao Chris,

    I see…
    A possibility would be to use switches which have silicon rubber inside, like the TV remotes and a long stroke, but I can’t whether you have enough space… It would facilitate a slight pre-load removing any gap between button and the switch…

    To facilitate buttons placement it would be easier to connect all together with S shape filament. Not for CNC but for a 3D printer…

    Ciao, 73’s

    1. m0nka Post author


      Yeah, my friend also suggested using much nicer silicon type of buttons, that don’t make the switching sound. But for me was very important to use as much possible mainstream components. If you find some of the nicer one, they will probably fit the current footprint and just by modding the plastic buttons could make it fit.



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