Exciting developments

While i have been mostly away from the project, there has been exciting developments from the user community regarding the project. All credits goes to Clint (KA7OEI). He offered some very good modifications to the UI board hardware that help minimize the noise. He also offered alternative firmware with lots of bug fixes and extra features like AGC and IQ balance, to name a few. Please check the discussion on the Yahoo group and all files for download here:



8 thoughts on “Exciting developments

  1. Dominique

    Hi, how do you become a member?
    I have a Yahoo ID, I can see my other yahoo groups, but no way to ask for membership?
    If ou could reply by email, would be nice.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Usually you log to yahoo, and when go to the group, request membership. When it’s approved, you can access the content.

  2. Fabio IZ0IBA

    Hi Chris, i like very much your work and i would like to build a transceiver. I would like to know, what are the total costs of the all components in addiction to the pcb.
    An other question .. there are special requirement for other hardware component for programming and calibrate the transceiver ??

    Tnx, … if you suggest an echolink repeater in your zone it will be nice to arrange a periodic tech schedule meeting to follow the development of this work and for asking question .

    73, Fabio.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Fabio, boards + LCD and all components – around 200 GBP. But this changes as some components prices vary as much as 40-50%. All you need to program and update is an USB cable. It is a good idea to have some extra equipment to fine tune
      the LPF section for best result.

      I am currently away from the project as very busy with some home improvement project, but you can check the Yahoo group, it is very active and can get lots of help there.


      1. Dragan

        True although most of those groups can be read without membership.
        A loot of people would like to read some posts to get a “feel” of the group before joining.


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