UI revision 0.4 is ready

I have done some preliminary testing and already have small batch of the new revision of the UI board (0.4). Here the updated schematics and soldering list sheet.

mcHF_ui_0_4_schem  – schematics with mods suggested by Clint and the community

mcHF_ui_0_4_soldering – print and use to mark installed components, to simplify soldering

11 thoughts on “UI revision 0.4 is ready

  1. mike newman

    Thw title block on the schematics at http://www.m0nka.co.uk/files/mcHF_rf.pdf states
    mcHF QRP Transceiver RF board
    Modules interconnect
    Date: 5/23/2014
    Revision: 0.3

    There is no reference to Revision 4.
    Perhaps the revision number hasn’t been updated,, maybe it should be Revision 4.
    Perhaps the date needs correction also.

    PC boards and display have arrived.
    Many Tks

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Mike,

      I think the only changes are mechanical, i will check and fix all the documentation soon.


  2. ve1xop

    Very nice project. Best I have ever seen in a long time.

    Is there a part list? & When can one buy all the boards needed? What type of display is this and from your view what was the cost for the project?

    1. m0nka Post author

      Thanks. All is available on my blog, plus some extra files in the Yahoo groups. LCD is cheap 320×240 TFT, like one of those used in Windows mobile phones in early noughties.

    1. m0nka Post author


      Yeah, but this means moving from project to properly set commercial operation. I still don’t have the time to do that.
      Hopefully soon.



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