Full UI board kit available


Just to let everyone know that i have all the parts now and i can offer full UI board kit, this includes all needed components, UI board and LCD. The only thing not included is the speaker. There are also some optional components that are omitted (the 16 Mhz crystal option, programming and service connectors). Full pack list is available here.

You can get it from the Order page.

6 thoughts on “Full UI board kit available

  1. Darrin Johnson

    I just ordered your UI bd. kit and the RF bd.
    Any plans to sell an RF bd. kit? some parts I cant get in US and would love if I could pay for
    a packet containing everything I need.

  2. allan

    Rather interested but I have no idea what Ui might mean. Probably missed something important. Looks like a great project though.

    73 Al. GM1SXX

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Al,

      UI is short for user interface, but i mean the UI board of the mcHF. The radio is implemented into two boards – UI and RF. The UI board contains the CPU, LCD, encoders, buttons and audio codec. please check the block diagram for more details. 73


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