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My experience shows that the Order page options were too complicated for most OMs, even i tried my best to explain it visually and with the descriptions. So i have decided to make it even simpler – by having only three options – UI kit, PCBs kit and extra RF PCB. Postage is now standard of 10 GBP on all orders, as i rarely get UK orders (i can sort that personally later).

The RF components pack is work in progress, when ready i will simplify the things further by having the Full Kit and PCBs kit only.


4 thoughts on “Order option changes

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi, no problem to ship to Australia. As for difficulty, if we have 1 to 10 scale, blinking LED with a PIC is 1, Softrock Ensemble is 5, the mcHF is 10. Sorry, really not a beginners project. 73

  1. Dave Schwarz

    l’m holding out for the full kit, will order later when ready. Thanks for making such a fantastic radio, l can’t wait to get one up and running… 73’s.


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