Two days after the release of the Full mcHF kit, i have been overwhelmed with orders. Processing those takes enormous time and with the upcoming Bank Holiday Monday, realistically i can start shipping them on Tuesday (1 Sept) at earliest. Please drop me a mail if you are need confirmation of the status of your order.

12 thoughts on “Orders

  1. Wallace Mills

    Is it possible to purchase a populated RF board with the post assembly components in a bag included.
    If so, what would the cost be and how would one order it as I can not see such an item listed in the above availability list.
    Thank you

  2. Axel

    thank you for the fast shipment 😀
    It took Only 3 days and I can hold the cca’s in my hands here in Germany!

    many thanks!

  3. Uwe Kulms, DF2IR

    Dear Chris
    In regards to the shipping of orders you wrote: “Please drop me a mail if you are need confirmation of the status of your order”.
    This evening I ordered two “Full mcHF kits”. Please send me an e-mail when you ship the kits.
    I know that is a lot of work. Please do not hurry, I have time. However shipping goods sometimes is a bit unreliable. I like to track it.
    Greetings and thank you very much

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello Uwe,

      Thanks for your support! After sending, i put the tracking number in PayPal, as it is required by them as proof of postage. I only send International Recorded. Also i send confirmation mail to your e-mail to let you know it is sent.


  4. H.A.Meijer

    Before I order and pay through paypal,
    I would like to know if the “complete kit” is still on stock / available for shipment.

    Thanks for info,


    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi, if the kit is available on the page, then it is in stock, although these days i ship with few days delay. If parts become low, i
      remove the kit altogether.


      1. David

        Hi Chris,
        I posted an order yesterday (16/09/2015) for a complete RF board kit but the confirmation e-mail I received only showed PCB & UK postage ! NO PARTS 🙁 Can you please check my order to ensure it includes parts kit as well as the RF pcb, please ammend the cost if necessary to cover any aditional cost.
        Kind regards,
        David (G1ORG)


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