The RF board is available again


I have received some quantity of the RF board and just put it online on the Order page. The UI boards seem to be delayed in the factory, but hope i get them in 2-3 days max. As for the outstanding orders of the Full Kit and the RF components pack kit – i hope i can clear the backlog tomorrow or Tuesday, based again on deliveries. One thing you would never expect to finish is the small plastic bags, but yes, it happened as well,because so far 11000 of them had passed through my hands! It is crazy!

Thanks everyone for the patience!

73, Chris

3 thoughts on “The RF board is available again

  1. Uwe Kraaz

    Hi Cris,

    my UI-Board is complete since 3 weeks, but I’m waiting fot the RF-Board . . .

    In the order-page I read today again “components not available”.

    Do you now, when I get now the board with componenets ?

    A other OM has get last week the completely kit . . .

    Vy 73

    de Uwe (DL5KU)

  2. Stefan Wagener

    Hi Chris,

    Are you out on the RF board again? Don’t see it on the order page. If you have like order one, please

    Tx Stefan, VE4NSA

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      No i have the boards, but need to change that shopping cart that allows unlimited ordering. Will put all on in few minutes. Sorry.



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