Full kit is back in stock

I have just received the LCDs and boards and have some full kits complete. If anyone was waiting, now is the time. Also the PCB only quantity updated.

13 thoughts on “Full kit is back in stock

  1. Chris

    Hi Chris,

    I would like to order the “Full Kit” however PayPal states it is “out of stock”.
    When is the “Full Kit” available again?

    73 Chris PA7U

  2. William Jordan

    Dear Dan,
    When you get caught up, let me know, I will purchase one immediately. I would appreciate you putting me into the cue….. thanks 73!
    William Jordan

  3. Dom


    Looks like local club are going to put together a group buy…. can I get 10 sets of PCB 0.4 RF & UI and the UI LCD from you?



    1. m0nka Post author


      I can supply the PCBs, but LCDs are limited quantity and i supply only with the full kit, sorry.


  4. LECOQ Christian - F5OTS

    Hello Chris, how are you and your family? Chris a question, you can indicate whether the LCD me HY28B needs a voltage of 3 volts on pin 20 to there by function as the positioning of straps à the rear of the display (16-bit or 8-bit or series)?
    Currently, I managed to install the bootloader (DFU) with DFU Demo having cut the power to the display (5volts), but when I want to install the firmware after handing the display 5 volts, current I rises and let fall the voltage U to 6 volts.
    Short Circuit display ?? Initially, it must be said that I had mounted the microprocessor upside (.mu.P QRT) I pulled into a new OK) but that problem with the display flashes (QRT also ??) Chris thank you for your answers, all my good friends to you and your family.
    73’s QRO Chris, Christian – F5OTS – French
    PS: My Mail is Christian-lecoq@orange.fr, thanks

    1. m0nka Post author


      The 3V pin on LCD is actually output from the internal (weak) regulator for the touch controller chip. Please do not connect to the mcHF!

      Also for the installing of the firmware, you will need all voltages and proper soft controlled power supply. If you need more help, please drop me a mail.


  5. Dan

    Hi Chris
    I´ve build the transiver and installed SW Bootmanager and Firmware successfully, but only get a White screan and no light in LEDs
    Do you have a hint for my serch ?
    I checked all the soldering concerning the CPU and Display in microscope
    If You not think this is the right place to ask for hel, please inform me and delete this entry

    Reg Dan

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Is the LCD soldered or just plugged to the board ? As UI board v 0.4 uses parallel mode in very high speed mode, any bad(loose) contact on the data bus can cause this problem. If it is not missing
      line, then most probably the LCD is faulty, but best to check the code (if you can recompile and insert some debugging, if not, bit more difficult).



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