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It was brought to my attention by many OMs that the full kit is available on Ebay from few power sellers, based in HK/China. Just want to clarify that those sales have nothing to do with me or have been authorized by me in any way. It is in a breach of the mcHF project licence terms where all files and documentation is offered for non commercial use only, for advancing of the amateur radio hobby and experimentation.

I have contacted Ebay about this, but still no reaction.

This blog is the only place where the mcHF boards and kits are offered. I am grateful to all OMs who supported the project in the last two years!

73, Chris M0NKA


20 thoughts on “The full kit on Ebay

  1. SI Walters

    Dear M0NKA,
    Just a suggestion. Please add a DONATE button so that your excellent development work can be supported.
    I am no good at surface-mount and have no desire to learn. However, I find unfair and upsetting that certain vendors have cashed in on your efforts.

    I am sure others would agree also.


  2. petr

    How to support you when you are still sold out. Marketing does not tell you anything? Why can not you sell more pieces?

  3. Brian

    I see these selling on Amazon too, assembled and ready to go, I am assuming these are not genuine products either.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Brian,

      I haven’t licensed the mcHF to anyone for manufacture or sales. The project is released with non-commercial use clause.
      So whatever you see is clones.


  4. David VK4TDI

    So the Chinese RS-918SSB is an unauthorised commercial derivative of the mcHF-QRP? Geez, that sucks, especially since they are using the mcHF-QRP badging.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi David,

      It is unfortunate part of the capitalist system. There will always be people who wants to start a business with somebody else’s investment.


      1. Patrick Gooden

        Actually, it is not part of the capitalist system but the snatch and grab system which is theft. Thievery is not capitalism. It is unfortunate that you are being ripped off.


        1. Paul

          He isn’t being ripped off. There are lots of people who want this radio, who do not have the skills to order all the components, and build it themselves. Guess what, that’s called a market. Since M0NKA is not going to figure out a way to satisfy that market’s demand, someone else is going to. This is capitalism 101. If he had sold the project as a kit, and brought in a distributor to build the kits and sell as a complete unit, he could have beaten the Chinese to the punch, or struck a deal with them to do it. Could have sued the shit out of people who started selling clones. It has nothing to do with theft. It has everything to do with a great product, that lots of people want to buy, and M0NKA not taking the initiative to get it built and distributed to the masses of people who want it. So someone else did. Then when M0NKA couldn’t keep up with the parts to satisfy the build, the Chinese just copied everything and started cranking it out. If he was selling it as a complete unit before that happened, I’d agree, that’s theft. BUT HE DIDN’T! They are satisfying a huge demand for a product that otherwise would be non existent!

  5. Jeet D.

    Had ordered the 2 PCB’s and the display from you last year before you started offering partially built kits. Ordered parts from Mouser based on the BOM file there but yet to complete the construction hi! IMHO, we as hams need to support the original designer of this fantastic qrp tcvr and use our collective effort to bear pressure on eBay or/and other online shopping.portals to remove unscrupulous sellers from selling this kit without getting explicit okay from Chris, thereby denying him some legitimate revenue for his effort and time and also ripping him off of his intellectual property rights. Let’s all join hands in saying “No!” to piracy/fraud and give support where it’s needed.

  6. iz8egm

    hi Chris
    i saw the ebay page but it is so strange there is only case of alluminium at 198,00 $.
    this what wrote on the page:

    “Aluminum shell for mcHF SDR Radio UI 0.3& RF 0.4
    Not included any pcb , and ic, components”

    i think its so expensive this case of alluminium.
    its an idea to hidden!
    73 Aurelio

    PS Do you have kits available?

    1. m0nka Post author


      It is not me who sell on Ebay. Maybe is some scam, as the same guys before tried to sell the full kit without
      my permission.

      Yes, i have kits.


  7. Ulrich Graf

    Hello Chris,

    unfortunately I cannot find any window where I’m able to registrate to your site and how to leave name and address if I want to order your kit.

    73, Uli, DK4SX

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello Uli,

      No need to register on the site, just use Add to Cart button, and then when done, enter your details when
      redirected to the PayPal page. All sales are handled by them.


  8. Otto Kratzat

    Hallo Chris,

    kann ich auch nur das mit SMD-Teilen bestückte UI Bord ohne Display bestellen und was würde
    es kosten?

    vy 73 otto-dl7qk


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