Full kits are out of stock


I am sorry, but the Full Kits are out of stock at the moment. I have finished all that i had left and still waiting for more boards from the factory. Can’t give exact timing, but i hope i will get them in the next 7-10 days.

73, Chris

11 thoughts on “Full kits are out of stock

  1. Bruce H McIntosh

    On the 7th you said maybe 7-10 days. Any prognosis? I still have to juggle some financials, but I’d be very keen to jump on a full kit next batch you have available.

    73 de WA4UF

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello Bruce,

      Sorry for that, got them three days ago, but needed time to check every singe board, count, sort etc.
      Also soldering one full set to make sure everything is perfect. Last time i missed two resistors. I will
      try my best to put for sale before then end of the Easter holidays.


  2. Roberto

    Hello Chris
    when you expect to have the new kit available?
    You can send me an email when it will be back in stock?
    Many thanks

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Stee,

      If you are getting boards only, then 90% of the parts are SMD. I would say half a day to solder
      the UI board and two full days for the RF board.

      For the kits, most SMD parts are pre-installed in the factory.


  3. Reto Meyer

    Hi Chris,
    could you check what happens to my kit. It is on the way to Canada if i believe the tracking information of the royal mail. I wait since weeks. I wrote you E-Mails but don’t höt an answer until now. Please check what happend to the shippment.

    Reto, hb9trt

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Mike,

      Will probably forget in a minute, but i will post on my blog page and Twitter when
      kits are back in stock, pls keep on coming back if possible.

      73, Chris


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