The mcHF Full Kit is back in stock


Sorry for the long wait. It took some time for the factory to make them, also i spent 3-4 days checking, sorting and testing the boards. I have updated the PayPal quantity, so you can add to your basket without an error. Please keep in mind those boards are revision v 0.5. Changes are mostly mods from Clint pdf, plus some small improvements. Almost all SMD parts are pre-installed. Complete list of installed components and extra parts that come in a plastic bag is available at the new Downloads page.

I have also did complete rework on the blog and the documentation. All files are now at a single place.
Some files are bit outdated and need refresh, but eventually will sort them out.

73, Chris

10 thoughts on “The mcHF Full Kit is back in stock

  1. Mark

    Do I need any special equipment to build and set up one of these kits I own a smd soldering station and am confident in my soldering ability but I have no test equipment, I noticed in a earlier post someone said needs alignment / tuning ?

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello John,

      Kit is in stock, all SMD parts are presoldered (except two inductors), but keep in mind there are components to solder and maybe some mods and tuning needed as well. Lots more details on my Downloads page (full pack list, pictures, etc).


  2. Bruce H McIntosh

    W00hoo! Just pounced on a full kit and ordered it. I’m looking forward to this (especially since I don’t have to squint through the magnifier to solder 200 SMT capacitors! 🙂 ). I’d been considering options for a small, lightweight HF rig I could throw into a carry-on to take to Montana this summer. This should do the trick. Looks like you’ve got a near functional equivalent to, say, a KX3, for half the cost, even factoring in construction/debugging time.

    Heck, if this thing works out well, I’d consider a second one (paired with a 100-200W amp) as my mobile rig. The FT-100 in the car is getting old and flaky. 🙂

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi, still not as straight forward as KX3. It needs some work to make it well behaved 🙂 73!

      1. Bruce H McIntosh

        That’s as may be, but “half the cost” covereth a multitude of sins, and it looks like the software’s still improving steadily. Now if the carrier would just get the lead out; how long does it take to put an envelope on an airplane anyway? 🙂


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