mcHF shielding plate


I still haven’t been able to finish the files for the new mcHF enclosure. I keep on getting new ideas for improvements and see small errors. But as a matter of urgency i have uploaded the shielding plate files here.

Those files are compatible with v 0.5 of the boards and i believe would be ok for v 0.4 as well. For old school OMs who prefer to make the plate by hand, here the detailed drawing with dimensions:

shielding_plate(click for larger view)


7 thoughts on “mcHF shielding plate

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello Carlo,

      Drop me a mail please to discuss your requirements (djchrismarc at gmail).


  1. Adrian Zamfir

    Hi Chris, I ordered a full kit last evening (hope everything OK with the payment) and I want to start preparing the case. Are you going to change the knobs and buttons for v0.5 or can I use the STL files you have published for v0.4? Thank you! 73 Adrian

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Adrian,

      Package sent. If you need some of the new files urgently, pls drop me a mail. I am still not 100% done with them,
      but if you have a printer and want to experiment with current version, np.



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