Full Kits out of stock


It has been some times since i have posted, also it would seems i have missed some of the toroid cores finishing, while waiting for more the full kits are out of stock, sorry.

I hope i can get some in 1-2 days time, will update quantity in PayPal accordingly when possible.


4 thoughts on “Full Kits out of stock

  1. Simon Simpson

    HI Any Idea when you will have the full kits in
    Also I have 2 revision 4 boards and all the parts ?
    Do you know anybody who can do the SMD as i just cannot do it already damaged one board 🙁
    Kind Regards

  2. Robert Ogburn

    Interesting work, your energies seem well spent.
    please advise pricing and shipping to CONUS (Texas).

    Robert Ogburn


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