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I haven’t been on my blog recently, not that i am not working on new stuff, just not into social media lately.

But it is worth noting that i had to update my PayPal webshop, from today, 1 December 2016 i have to charge VAT. This reflects in lower declared price on my Order page (for kit and boards), but at the final step of Checkout at the PayPal website, the postage and VAT is added (if you are from an EU country). Flat rate of 10 GBP for postage is used, i will have to sort manually all UKĀ  orders, as the postage is much cheaper (4 GBP), but PayPal postage option do not allow to enter postage zones. Again, if unsure, you can always e-mail me first.

73, Chris

4 thoughts on “Some webshop changes

  1. W. Messerli

    Dear Sears.
    We are interesst for the QRP-Transceiver-Kit.
    Can your livery the kompletly Kit inkl. all Parts? Cabinet, Speacker, 2 pcs. HF-Power-Transistor etc.
    Wath it the prices and livery-time?

    Please quickly answer and best regards,
    W. Messerli

    1. m0nka Post author


      Sorry, i can’t offer as complete radio, only boards and parts. Also edited out your
      address from the post, for privacy reasons.


  2. Ulrich Graf

    Hello Chris,

    I built der mcHF with success. I added a 50-W-linear with extra low-pass-filter to feed my “big” LDMOS-linear. I had very many successful QSOs with this combination. Unfortunately I had a click sound in the audio and the rf while pressing PTT. Investigating the source of this sound I “killed” the controller. After very careful substitution I am not able to upload the bootloader again. I think the pcb will not “survive” a further change of this large chip. So my question: Is it possible to buy an assembled UI-Board only (assemled with the processor parts)? How much would you charge?

    73, Uli, DK4SX


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