E-mails response delay and Full Kit Stock


Apologies to everyone who sent an e-mail in the last few days and didn’t get a reply, unfortunately i caught some winter bug and was in bed, unable to move or do anything. Finally feel better to catch up with work stuff.

The main question in comments in e-mails is about the Full Kit stock status. I was not able to arrange the manufacture of the new batch before the Chinese New Year, so I really can’t tell when the Full Kit will be back in stock. My best estimate is March, but will keep everyone posted.

I am also preparing some components only kits (where you have to solder everything yourself, but parts come pre-selected). But still some of the orders didn’t come through, so after sorting everything, i will know i can offer those, i hope in two weeks time, but again not sure.


10 thoughts on “E-mails response delay and Full Kit Stock

  1. John

    Om interested in your kit can you tell me where i can buy one and how much it looks like a project worth doing 🙂

  2. Doug Parks

    Hello,I have a version 4 and the traces lifted on the rf board due to heat,I’m not complaining but I would like to know if the version 6 rf board with work on mine and if I can buy a populated one by itself? Meaning with all the smd’s in place and I can install the other components. I love the radio but heat is a big issue with it,not enough heat sink to get rid of the heat.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Doug,

      SMD components have a little bit of different technique for soldering. I personally haven’t seen lifting of the traces. I am using 310 deg on my Ersa, and this is CPU controlled. What kind of soldering iron are you using ?

      The v 0.6, as previous version is populated by pick and place machine in the factory, then wave soldering in the oven, i believe. The PCBs are subjected to high temperature solder and i haven’t seen any problem with lifting traces.

      As for cooling, yes, you need sufficient heatsink added for the regulators and finals as well. It is a tradeoff against using switching
      regulator that can add extra noise to a very sensitive receiver.


          1. Doug

            I actually need a already put together PA board section.I don’t have the eyesight to do it myself.And buying a whole complete kit is a waste of money to me as I already have the complete unit.That’s why I asked about just that board.

  3. Jason Jones

    I would like a price on the newest version of a complete kit. Will it operate on 27mhz? When will they be available? Thanks.

    1. m0nka Post author


      It is not in stock and i don’t have a price yet, sorry. I haven’t tested it on 27 Mhz,
      it theory should be possible.


  4. Dean Kozel

    Aloha –
    This is Dean Kozel in Hawaii (KB5HVJ). I placed an order last year several months ago an I have not yet seen the Kit. I look forward to the unit and I have read all of your posts. Please advise and my address and email follows.

    — Edited out —


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