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Have been a while. I have managed to prepare a limited number of the good, old components kits. But updated to PCB revision 0.6. Please note, this is not the Full Kit with pre-assembled SMD components from factory! It is just two blank PCBs(v 0.6) with four bags with pre-selected components – two bags with SMD parts and two bags for post assembly (after PCB cleaning). Also included is the LCD, but no MOSFETs or speaker as usual. If interested, please check the Order page.

About the 0.6 documentation – probably tomorrow. New schematics, BOM, packing lists, pdf with full description of changes, etc…

The full kits and blank boards v 0.6 would be available probably in the middle of March. Sorry for the long delay, i have been caught badly by the Chinese New Year this time.


8 thoughts on “Components kit v 0.6

  1. Bernd Hendrych

    Dear Chris,
    please inform me when the full kits, v6.0, are available.
    Thank you and kind regards from Germany.

    Bernd DC9SS

  2. Jos Stevens

    Hello Chris,

    Is it possible to supply me just one or two of these HMC482 MMIC’s as used in the mcHF version 0.6 RF board ?
    I updated my version 0.5 board as per schematic, but can find these MMIC’s only by Mouser and Farnell.
    They charge me for shipment a multiple of the price of the device , when I order just ne or two of them.

    Best regards,
    Jos (PA3CCE)

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Jos,

      I can do that, but still have to charge you postage (Recorded) and VAT on everything. Drop me a mail
      please (djchrismarc at gmail)


  3. Bill Johnson

    Chris… wondering if you have seen that Shengda Electronic Technology, LTD has released a mcHR-QRP.. complete and tested… was wondering if you where aware and if so, have you taken the time to have them send you a copy?

    My history is that I am a retired U.S. Navy electronics tech and was mostly working sat com… I just started playing with HF in the past 3 years… I have been having a great deal of fun… and wanted to play with QRP… I have been looking at radios.. and your kit caught my eye…

    I have built a FiveDash SoftRock RX Ensemble II HF Receiver and your kit is considerably more complex…
    I am liking what I have been reading about mcHF-QRP radio, and reviews on the kit posted on youTube, and other sites… Was thinking about purchasing a kit… But, my sight is not what it used to be and was thinking about purchasing from Shengda via…

    Any thoughts or comments… Do you know anyone who has purchased a radio from them?

    I wanted to see what M0NKA thinks about this???

    Best Regards,
    Bill – WJ5TX

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Bill,

      I haven’t authorized anyone to manufacture or sell the mcHF, as a kit or a product. This is in
      clear violation of my non-commercial use license.


  4. Volkmar Ahnert

    Dear Chris,

    On 17.12.2016 i orderd an MCHF-Componets KIT v. 0.5. Today i have tested the RF-board.

    The IC U15 is defekt, he is false mounting. The IC was very heat. I will send a picture from this board.
    Can you help me? Can you send me an new Board.
    Can you send me your E-Mail adress, then i will send a Picture from this board

    Thank You


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