Complete kit v 0.6 is in stock


After the long wait, the complete kit, v 0.6 is available. It is no different than the v 0.5 kit – two PCBs (UI and RF) with pre-installed SMD parts from factory, two plastic bags with post assembly components that you need to install and LCD. Again no speaker or final mosfets. Lots of information about the new revision on my Downloads page.


5 thoughts on “Complete kit v 0.6 is in stock

  1. Larry Miglore KB9DIP

    I’d very much like to purchase your sdr radio. I am past the point of much assembly especially surface mounted components. Looks like I can buy mostly populated pcb’s with through-the-hole components to add. I have not had ANY experience in bootstrap loaders or the like. I’m not helpless but I don’t want to waste a great radio with my ineptness. I have build many Heathkits and Knight kits, but that was a l-o-n-g time ago. Can I handle this project?

    Also, where does the great looking enclosure come from? Is there a vendor available?

    Thanks in advance, Larry/KB9DIP

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Larry,

      The mcHF project might require some hard core debugging if something goes wrong during the final assembly. So you need to be
      ready to do proper troubleshooting in this case. For most users is working immediately, but there are times when it might be
      tough to make it work. I would recommend reading a bit first in the Yahoo group and then deciding.


      1. Larry Miglore KB9DIP

        I took your advice and read the blog, comments and reviewed the files. There are a lot of dedicated and talented people reviewing, tweaking and modifying the electronics and making serious recommendations for future builds.

        The take away I have is that I will wait for version 1.0 of the radio. As I see it, we can only benefit from making a good radio better. Thanks for your help and thanks for a great design and constant refining. Larry/KB9DIP


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