Going away notice


I will be away for a week and will not be able to process any orders. Please if you need a kit or boards, place any orders before tomorrow lunch time GMT(Wed 12th July). After that i will disable the Order page for few days, sorry about that. I will also have limited ability to respond to support requests via e-mail, apologies in advance for that.

73, Chris

15 thoughts on “Going away notice

  1. Brent Berry

    Great work on this great project! This is what ham radio is all about.
    It’s unfortunate that lazy people have capitilized on your hard work.
    Dont fret however, in the end your name will prevail.
    I am interested in ordering your kit when available, so if possible,
    Please notify me by email when available. Of course, I will keep my eyes open.

    1. Christopher Rosinski

      Chris… This is absolutely a great project. My curiosity has been sparked by a bloke who had a completely assembled version of your design, for sale on QRZ.com (in USA). Where would one obtain a predrilled and silkscreened case, should I decide to purchase a component populated board kit from you? This looks like an exciting project, for someone who is a tinkerer, like myself.

      From the photo posted by you on QRZ.com callsign search engine page, I would venture to guess that you are a software engineer for Nokia?

      Anyway… I am glad, I found your website. Once I regain my employment, I would be interested in buying a kit.

      73, and GL with your evolving SDR project.

      Chris – AC2NT.

      1. m0nka Post author

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for your interest! The availability of the kits has been sketchy lately, but i got my
        wife to help out, so i hope soon, we will be back to normal.

        I wasn’t working for Nokia, but i used to hack their stuff a lot. That picture was from CeBit,
        years ago, for some reason i was wearing a suit, it is not typical for me.


  2. Gary Krause

    I’m also interested in your kit. I’ve been watching for a while now so, I hope you get more kits with the components soon.

  3. Stanislav Korcian

    Dear Chris,
    I am interested in MCHF kit, I would like to order. Could you please also e-mail me when you have got kits in stock? I tried to pre-order via Paypal form, but it gave me message that it is not possible due to out-of-stock. Could you please give me on the list?

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Best regards Stan OK2TC

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your interest in the project! Unfortunately i don’t have such thing as pre-order. When i have
      something ready to ship, i just update the PayPal quantity and update the Order page as well.

      73, Chris

      1. Stanislav Korcian

        Hello Chris,
        thanks for reply, I already ordered blank boards you have in stock and in first step I am going to manage other parts by myself via Farnell.

        Thank you and 73, Stan

  4. Robert Lang

    Hi Chris.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Count me in when you have the kits; ill keep an eye on the site, but could you e-mail me when you’ve got them in stock.
    Many thanks.

  5. Robert Lang

    Hi Seems that ive justr missed out on this!! Are you going to get more stock?
    Rob Lang (GW0FJV)

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Rob,

      I have few boards left over, but need sorting out. Probably will list them in week or two. Soon i will have some components kits.

      73, Chris

  6. ARTHUR Ripple

    I can not get into yahoogroup uk it has always sead pending membership can i gust email you dirrectly and you reply to me the same way chris?


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