The mcHF 3D enclosure files


I have been asked before, and was planning for a long time, but finally uploaded the SolidWorks project files for the latest 3D printed enclosure. This will give everyone the ability to modify, update and improve on them. Or prepare cutting script for CNC machining if needed (if you have HMSXpress plugin). For non-commercial use please.

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9 thoughts on “The mcHF 3D enclosure files

  1. John

    WARNING:Freq Translation is OFF!!!
    Translation is STRONGLY recommended!!

    Hi so where in menu can I fix this problem?


  2. Kevin

    Yesterday I update the firmware(2.5.134) . mcHF(rev0.4) power on.The tft panel is display

    “WARNING:Freq Translation is OFF!!!
    Translation is STRONGLY recommended!!
    What should I do?


      1. Kevin Qin

        I can’t find it on the menu.

        Configuration Menu———–>Transmit Disable OFF?

        CW —-Work is good .But the USB/LSB no power output .


  3. Richard Steele

    hello there these Solidworks files can only be used with your version of solidworks or newer, they are not backward compatible. Thats the only problem with Solidworks. There is a format that they can be saved as which allows them to be rebuilt as parts for any version of Soidworks i will have a look to see if i can remember what format they need to be saved as to do this.. regards Richard 2E0DVK

    1. Tom WB9DZS

      I would like to send you an .mp3 audio file of our old ham radio contracts from 1971, but do not know your email address. If you get this message, you can email me at, Tom, WB9DZS (ex. Crown Point, IN)


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