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It has been anticipated for some time. I think the new revision 0.7 is ready. I have uploaded all relevant files into a single zip archive. Please check the Downloads page.

Why single zip file instead of separate files ? I have been blamed on social media that the cloning of the mcHF was somehow my fault, because my license terms were not very clear. True or not, now all project files will be distributed as single archive with clear license marking, just it case.

Detailed changes from 0.6 to 0.7 are listed in the pdf, i will update this file if it is not clear. In few words, there is a major mechanical change, instead of two boards, the mcHF will use three now. Main reasoning is to allow to expand the hardware as the limits of the old form factor were reached already anyway.

I am still waiting on some parts from various suppliers, but when everything is here, i will probably supply the new aluminium case with the full kits. This is mainly to address some incompatibility issues we had in previous revisions (LCD not fitting, etc). It will also allow for quicker changes and upgrades on the User Interface layout, which was difficult before.

Another problem which i plan to address is the programming of the CPU. Lots of OM did find loading of the bootloader and firmware challenging, so all kits (components and full) will come with everything pre-loaded.

I will try to list for sale some limited quantity of blank boards today or tomorrow, maybe another week for the components kit and i hope the Full Kit before xmas, but that depends on some pending orders, so lets see.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support! Without you guys this project would have not existed for four year!

73, Chris


13 thoughts on “mcHF revision 0.7

  1. Don Richards

    Hi Chris
    I was wondering which version of bootloader and firmware is installed on the version 7 boards and is it open source and upgradable in the future?
    Don ve3ids

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Don,

      Off course it will be open source. I have installed boot v 0.9 and some recent github release, you can find the
      binaries in the 0.7 release package. Not sure if they have older version source codes for download, but maybe
      you can get some later version and compile.


      1. Andreas

        You can switch to *every* version that ever exited since source code is on GitHub:
        – git pull (pulls repository to your local directory)
        – git checkout (adjusts all source code files to the stand of
        – make all (builds binaries for use on mcHF)

        That works for firmware and open source bootloader.

        DF8OE Andreas

  2. SteveC

    Chris, are you still planning on selling bare boards as an ongoing practice? It was not clear.

    I just “happened by” today and noticed this. The switch to 3 boards makes sense. I had an immense amount of fun putting my 2 0.4 units together from scratch and getting them working (I just enjoy the challenge), and still have some spares left over from that process. Perhaps an 0.7 unit would be a good update.

    I know people often complain more than they compliment, and some take liberties with IP that they shouldn’t. That said, let me go on record with a big word of “thanks” for making this possible in the first place. While not perfect, the mcHF is useful and fun. Building a couple from scratch helped pull me back into a hobby that I’d just grown bored with 2 decades prior. That’s a good thing, and you were partially responsible. So, thank you!

    – steve c., k7unx

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for the encouraging words and continues support! Yeah, I am planning to have regular stock of kits and blank boards as well, just it happens the suppliers are much slower than hams wanting the kits. But soon all will be back to normal.

      You can totally use components from your v 0.4 radio to upgrade to the new revision. At least this is what i did while prototyping the 0..


  3. James

    Chris, I have not had time to start my v.6 kit yet. I was wondering if the components in my kit could be used with the new v.7 boards?

  4. John Sheppard

    Thanks for update Chris, I look forward to when the full kits will be available and will be purchasing one.
    one question is are you going to run a preorder list.

    Cheers John G4WOD

  5. Kurt Zwierzynski

    Hello Chris,
    You do a very fine job, thank You.
    I am looking for the Vers. 0.6 boards.
    Have I a chance ?
    Or is this Vers. dead ?

    with kind regards


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