The Full Kit is back


The first batch of Full Kits, rev 0.7 is in stock. Please note that now it takes bit more time to prepare them, as i need to program each one of them.

The mini kit is still in stock as well (based on how long i will have LCDs).

Regarding the cases, i got my final shipment delayed by Fedex, so as fast as i get it, i will post some pictures, drawings and maybe a video of the case.


14 thoughts on “The Full Kit is back

  1. EA2BAJ


    I have taken a look at two units from a friend. Just a quick question. Does it include a case? If not where can I purchase it?

    Best regards


  2. Joe

    Hi Chris

    I am making progress on the 0.7 kit but missed the chance to get a case. Will there be any choice in the colour scheme of the printed PVC labels? Alternatively if you post the files for the labels perhaps we could change the colour scheme and have a local sign company print the labels for us?

    Best regards for 2018 and thanks for a great kit.

    Joe ve3vxo

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Cases i can do 2-3 per day only. I order the labels in big quantity, so need to finish those first. They
      don’t have such huge of variety of color schemes, and if i change it, any sample will take a month to be made
      and arrive for checking, so it is more or less on air tuning.

      As for publishing manufacturing files, i am torn, need some time to think what i am comfortable releasing.


      1. oliver

        Hi m0nka. Just tried ordering the 0.7 full kit and its sold out. Any word on when it will become available again? Thanks!

        -OG K7QZA

  3. Matty Cunningham MD0MAN

    Hi Chris,

    Will keep an eye on this, very interested in buying a kit, but they always seem to have gone by the time I get here 🙁

    Thanks for doing a great job, looking forward to when they will be available again.


    Matty MD0MAN

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Matty,

      I am sorry for that, things will normalize in a week or two, as there was a huge queue of people


  4. Paul Davis

    Hi Chris-

    Also tried to purchase the full kit and find that PayPal says out of stock, website says in stock. This happened with the first batch too. Something apparently out of sync.

  5. Shaun

    Hi Chris,
    I’m trying to buy the full kit.
    The stock is showing as available but when I go to PayPal it’s stating no stock available.
    Kind regards
    Shaun M0IMM


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