mcHF rev 0.7 Case Assembly Guide


I have updated the 0.7 files on the Downloads page with the case assembly guide. Please re-download and check it out if you got the case and finished your built. It is important to follow it as to prevent damage. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “mcHF rev 0.7 Case Assembly Guide

  1. Neil Xenias

    I think we need to help Chris fund the printing of more boards and cases!! Along with a chicken in every pot, we oughtta strive for an mcHF in every shack!!

    Seriously, though …. are we limiting production due to cash constraints or do we keep the number of available kits purposely low so improvements can be made less wastefully? If it’s cashflow, can you consider “gofundme” or maybe “Kickstarter” to help put this awesome idea in the hands of more hams? K9CTB’s hands are waiting … The “Tunning” dial doesn’t bother me at all!

    73 de Neil

  2. Pablo

    excuse my question
    I am starting in the small mchf sdr qrp and I charge the softwar that has the version D2.5.106
    almost everything is fine but the split function does not work
    another software version and it works correctly can you tell me where to download
    Thank you

    Pablo ea8ca

  3. Jim

    Hi, Chris. I just received my new 0.7 case. FYI – you may have already been informed – the word “Tuning” on the front panel is mis-spelled as “Tunning”. I thought at first maybe it was spelled with 2 “L” in the UK, but not according to the Oxford dictionary. LOL.

  4. Paul Bates

    Got hundreds of people out here who don’t want the China version so when are you gonna get your act together N7PB 5k Friends List on Facebook 2.5k are Ham Radio Ops QSL?? Paul

  5. Jacques

    Hello Chris,
    I received the kit (rev 0.7) this Friday, January 12. Everything seems OK
    I have some questions :
    Is the assembly manual for older version components valid in particular for chokes ?
    Is the operator manual for older versions valid for version 0.7 ?
    Can the connections between the boards be made with flat cable of ~ 10 cm?
    Will the boxes be available soon?
    thanks for the answers

  6. Darel

    Hi Chris; like to know if you still have some version 6 boards available, If so how would I go about purchasing them?


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