Full Kit with case available and holiday notice


We have some limited number of full kits completed with cases. We will be able to sell those in the next few working days, before we leave for a short holiday on Saturday 17 February.

Please note we won’t be able to answer support e-mails until Monday 26 February

On our return we will resume sales and also provide cases to hams who have bought full kits. It will be sorted via custom invoices. We’ll post more details when we are back.

Thank you for your support!

Lucy and Chris

3 thoughts on “Full Kit with case available and holiday notice

  1. Martin Amstell

    Dear Chris

    Do you have any of the version 0.6 assembled kits left? It’s a great looking product and just right for the portability that so many of us need. Sadly, the latest version seems more suited to base or field operations than backpacking. Also, if my aged hands don’t prove up to the job, do you have an established team of builders, much like Elecraft had after they launched the K2?

    Kind regards, Martin

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your interest! No, unfortunately don’t have any 0.6 kits left. Keeping one revision in stock is huge logistical operation by itself, but having two in parallel is not possible for a small team of people.

      There is a colleague in the US (Chuck) who does some assembly on request. But not sure if he has any kits from the old version left.

      73, Chris


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