mcHF v 0.6 PCBs


Responding to the increased interest to the mcHf v 0.6  from Hams  we have now stocked and made available for purchase the PCB boards/ UI and RF on our Order page.

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    Hello! Unfortunately I messed up soldering the MCU on the UI board (v.06) – I had completed successfully the 3 sides of the MCU but the 4rth side was a disaster (one of the pins bent. I used the drag method using an Antex 25W iron with 2mm bevel tip. The other chips was easy to solder with the drag method (the codec chip, the second most difficult one after the MCU was a piece of cake) but the MCU was a failure…..
    So Now I have a damaged UI board and a good RF board (no work done on it yet). So my question is if it is possible to buy from you only the UI bpard v.06, with the MCU already soldered on it (I’ll solder the rest myself) or at least only the board. Thank you!!!!!!!!


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