PCB’s v 0.6 sold out

Hello everyone

We were totally taken by surprise how quickly Pcb’s v 6 sold out. We already placed another, larger order this time to meet the demand. The factory we use are very good and quick. We’ll have more stock by end of next week.

In a mean time please accept my apology for not showing ‘out of stock’ on the website. We are experiencing some technical issues at the moment since we added Pcb’s as a new product. Looking to resolve it as quick as we can, but if still not successful I’ll post as soon as fresh stock arrives.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards


2 thoughts on “PCB’s v 0.6 sold out

  1. Patrick Gooden

    Thanks for the rather fast delivery of .6v pcb to the states. I have already begun to order parts. And, with the help of a friend we will undertake the project of assembling the radio as a team project. I have overlooked your recommendation for the display supplier. I am sure it is here in the archives somewhere. I like the form factor, and I am sure that with the immediate rush for the circuit boards that I am not alone. Keep up the good work.


    Patrick, K6PFG

  2. Kostas Vasileiadis


    Yesterday I paid via paypal for a set of version 0.6 boards, but didn’t get any answer from you, just from paypal. Can you please confirm?


    Kostas SV1IT


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