The 0.7 release package has been updated


We have added some new files files to the 0.7 package, mainly STL files for 3D printing (knobs, panels, stand). You can download it here.




7 thoughts on “The 0.7 release package has been updated

  1. Patrick Tanner

    Hi Chris,

    I’d ordered a V0.7 kit well before the metal chassis were available. Once the chassis came available, I ordered one. I am aware the knobs and front panel insert are not included, and the model files should be available in the V0.7 build zip file. I find the knob files are there, but not the file for the front panel insert. Could revise the zip package and add the front panel insert file to it?

    Thanks and best regards,


    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      I will check, i am sure i have added it to the zip, maybe the hosting company restored old backup. Anyway, i am sorry for that!


  2. Willi

    I have some issues now with receiving (v0.7). Suddenly, after some QSO’s this evening, the received level dropped down by several S’s on the meter. I’ve made over 2000 QSO so far without issues. I disassembled the radio then. When I touch the junction point between D3 & D4 in the antenna switch, receiving is okay even with short piece of wire. Not the case with the antenna connector. So the radio is not deaf, just something in the path is attenuating the signal. There must be something wrong, but I don’t know where. Transmitting is okay. Any hint where to look further? I am not very sage with the schematics and the path from antenna connector to the antenna switch.
    Willi, OK1FWG

  3. Ivan

    The same here. You can use a mica insulators with the finals, but I am also curious where to use a two strips of SMD parts. Also, I had to sand a rectangular cut out on PCB for a speaker, which was narrower for about 1 mm than a speaker. I have also a problem with available space for the finals, a distance between the RF board and back side of the box is insufficient. I’m not sure if there will be enough room for a mica insulators. There may be answers to these questions, but I could not find them in several places. Anyway, I enjoy building this transceiver and I’m giving Chris a strong support to continue the project. 73 de Ivan, 9A2GB.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for your support! If you have problem with RF breakthrough, do not use the mica insulators, just fit
      few 100nF caps on the button lines at the Logic board headers. The insulators were suggestion by another ham,
      but we were not able to test here, as we didn’t have this problem.

      About the speaker, maybe this is due to the plate pushing it up ? I think the cutout is sufficient enough,
      at least i haven’t seen this before. Please drop me a mail to talk more about this, as this blog is not
      very useful for technical discussions.


  4. Norm Havercroft

    Having fun putting together a V 0.7..Found a bag in the RF package with two strips of SMD parts, two mica insulators and two white insulators. Any hints what they are for?




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