New revision V0.8 on it’s way

Hello Everyone

The mcHF project has been running for almost five years now. Thank you all for your continued support. We are constantly trying to make it more fun and implement the many ideas we have as well as take on board comments from users.

Currently we are working on a very exiting revision V 0.8 . Some of you may have seen new image uploaded on our Home page or twitter posts giving a small preview about it. Still to come are many days of active development but once work is complete we hope the wait will have been worth it – upgraded UI board, fully compatible with the Logic, RF board and case. New 5 inch capacitive touch LCD allowing for more user friendly interface.

We also are planning to start operating on pre-order basis, the details of which we are still discussing. This will allow us to be faster on implementing bug fixes as well as updates on hardware and a better chance against competition. We have not been very flexible in doing that due to various reasons. We have tried to cater for as many hams as we can. From the types preferring ‘solder all yourself kits’, to partially factory assembled ones. This has resulted in having to carry an excess stock of components, cases and Lcd’s.

In the start of operating the new way, we would like to offer few left over mcHF V 0.7 kits at a reduced price. Please refer for more details here

We hope we’ll have your support in this matter.

Kindest regards
Chris and Lucy

7 thoughts on “New revision V0.8 on it’s way

  1. Ted Strassburg

    Any sort of time frame you expect v.8 kits to be ready ? I’ve been watching mcHF for a while now and the v.8 sounds like that will be a good purchase to make.

    Thank you for your time.


    1. m0nka Post author

      Not sure, my best estimate is 2-3 months. I can bring the HW and SW upto date relatively quickly, but
      some stuff, like boards, assembly, labels, etc, that have to be done by some factory far away take a
      long time.


  2. Joe

    Impressive! Exciting!

    I am still enjoying the process of assembling the 0.7…

    Looking forward to the opportunity to use my improving skills on the 0.8.

    I will enjoy reading here and on the group of your progress.

    Great work on the project. Many, many thanks!


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