RF components kit and UI components kit on V 0.6


Following many requests to split V 0.6 components kit into RF board build kit and UI board build kit
we are now please to offer this configuration. For information on price and shipping please visit our Order page.

I would like to advise that shipping may follow up to 3-4 working days after purchase as we don’t stock large quantity of all components.

Kind regards

6 thoughts on “RF components kit and UI components kit on V 0.6

  1. Leif Christensen

    Hi again
    Yesterday I received a packet with a ui-board vers. 0.6 and the components. On the line HY28B is written “Not provided”. I suppose it means that it is out of order and will be delivered later.
    Vy 73 de OZ8GW, Leif.

  2. Leif Christensen

    I have with interest read that I can buy an IO-board with components.
    Last yeat my mchf was hit by lighting and the IO-boardt was spoilt but the RF-print was still ok. The RF-board is a vers. 0,4. I guess that I can use my 0,4 RF-board with a new 0,6 IO-board.
    Is there any plans of a 0,6 boars with preinstalled SMD-components?
    Vy 73 de OZ8GW, Leif.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Leif,

      Yes, you can use older rev boards, maybe do the mods with some fly wires. At the moment we can’t
      offer older version with components installed, but maybe in near feature we can have something
      sorted, who knows.


  3. Al Clark

    Hello Chris,

    Lovely radio design you have developed! I am an experienced kit builder and I would like to build an MCHF radio. I do not want to buy a Chinese clone because I feel it would be inferior and they do not pay you royalties. However, I am a big fan of the Elecraft KX-3 form factor, and I like the size and shape of the Chinese case which is used on the Chinese Clones (RS-918; Recent; etc); its dimensions are 215W x 74H x 62D. What component packages do I need to order from you that will fit into that case, and are there any other components I would need to order elsewhere? I want to get everything I need to build a complete, working MCHF in a KX-3 form factor.

    Best Regards,
    Al Clark KD4EO


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