mcHF 0.8 Center/Fixed mode

I have recently seen that TS-990 video showing of the fixed mode and couldn’t sleep until i coded this. I was lucky, Clint has left something useful in the audio_driver.c file few years ago(yay, open source)

I am sorry for the bad quality, not easy to shoot the glossy screen, plus i only have my phone. But at least the band was open tonight!

8 thoughts on “mcHF 0.8 Center/Fixed mode

  1. Melvyn

    The new version is looking awesome! Really looking forward to the kit and hoping that it doesn’t get cloned.

    All the best


    Melvyn – G7GZH

  2. Mark

    Speechless how good this kit is. Even with v0.8 being advanced, the 0.6 is still a great form factor. I could see people wanting to buy both consistently. Having a optional power amp kit that compliments this radio would be amazing.

    1. m0nka Post author

      No, it works, but currently uses the emWin library and takes like 95 % of the 400 Mhz CPU time. Need to optimize!


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