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The supplied image for latest 0.6.x sub-revision will usually give error and long boot delay due to removed MCP9801 chip from the RF board. If that is annoying to you as me, please flash the supplied modded image. I have also included IDA disassembly and i assume is possible to do simple binary search in future revisions and modify.




10 thoughts on “Modded firmware

  1. Karl Heinz Kremer

    I just received my 0.6.2 kit. Thank you for the quick turnaround.

    I’ve looked for information about why the temperature sensor was removed, but could not find any. Can you please explain the reasoning behind it? Does it make sense to add it, even though it’s no longer part of the kit? I am just about to submit a Mouser order, and would like to know if I should add the MCP9801 chip.


    Karl Heinz – K5KHK

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Karl,

      1. Super expensive
      2. The software temperature compensation doesn’t do it’s job as intended – short and long term frequency stability +- 0.5 Hz in temperature range of -20 to +80 deg C


        1. m0nka Post author

          Hi Philip,

          The issue was low quality control from factory, so we recommended to use headers for LCD mounting. But the Chinese case would
          not allow this. So what we did is skip the headers, use SPI only and remove the plating from holes that were not needed for
          communication with the LCD, so it is much easier to de-solder in case of a problem, while still fitting into the cheap case.


          1. Philip Lock

            Hi Chris.
            Thanks for the reply. I know all about the display problems.
            I will return back to you the two working displays you sent me, as it turned out to be a UI board fault. Which I could of damaged trying to remove the display.
            It was at that point I decided that maybe why you had gone to SPI so less pins to
            As for the the TCXO my V0.7 is within 1 or 2 Hz from switch on to hours later.
            Were as my V0.6.2 drifts by around 40 Hz, which is not very much.
            Philip G7JUR

  2. Yura

    Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for a very good transceiver version R-928 PLUS with battery, front microphone and synthesizer on Si5351.
    When will I be able to see the electrical schem with these convenient add-ons.
    73! rx6kr, Yura

  3. Mike P Wood

    Hope you are well …
    My question is how would this radio perform with the BLA-350 Linear
    … this linear only requires up to 15w for an output of 500w… or there abouts…
    what do you think …
    Mike M0csi …


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