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    Good Morning. I recently received my RS-928 plus and I do not listen to commercial FM or AM radios (620Khz to 1600Khz) … VHF listens only with an HT near the radio. The version is 2.9.48 …. could you tell me if it really does not work in these bands. Thank you

  2. Peter Thalmann

    As I’m not so skilled to build your excellent tranceiver, I ask you, where I could buy an assembled and tested version of your radio. I have seen in the internet that a chinese copy is offerd but i^m shure it is illegal
    Thanks and kind regards Peter HB9BTE

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Peter,

      We sell only the partially assembled kits. I think Chuck in the US does a fully tested build,
      you can find him in the group and ask.



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