No more VAT on orders


Just to let everyone know that from today, 1st of June 2019 we will no longer charge VAT on orders from EU or UK. There is no change for orders outside the EU.


2 thoughts on “No more VAT on orders

  1. Christoph

    Hello Chris.

    Have Probems with a V6.35 Kit, the Transmitter is not working
    in all Mode. Only CW and Tune (in CW) is working.
    I just try to test the TX Mixer and TX Preamp the PA is not insalled yet.
    Would be happy about help.

    Best regards Christoph, HB9DAO

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Christoph,

      Sorry to hear about the problem, drop me a mail please: djchrismarc at gmail



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