Pre-built mcHF transceiver kit V 0.6.3

Pre-built mcHF transceiver kit V 0.6.3

We are pleased to start offering our new service to all USA Hams. This is only a trial run to test interest and we’ll do our very best to meet the demand. At the very beginning we’ll release small batches of 5 mcHF kits to allow for sufficient testing after each build is completed. Shipment will be with USA recorded postal service and is included in the price.

We’ll be working towards introducing this service to all EU countries and I am hoping in near future worldwide.

Thank you all for your continuing support of the project.


2 thoughts on “Pre-built mcHF transceiver kit V 0.6.3

  1. Ulrich Graf

    Hello Chris,

    bought the pre built V 0.6.3 kit. UI-Board seems to work already but get stuck with RF board. Where do I find winding data of all transformers?

    Best 73, Uli, DK4SX


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