New mcHF group

Hello everyone,

It is probably known by now that Yahoo is closing it’s group service, so we have decided to move the mcHF group to  Will try to keep settings the same, so membership will require approval by moderators. Also will try to backup whatever we can from Yahoo, as they will delete all files and photos on 14th Dec 2019. Unfortunately the automatic backup didn’t
work, so we are doing whatever we can to download everything manually.

You can access the new group here.


4 thoughts on “New mcHF group

  1. Ruben Verandi

    Hola tengo un Qrp HF Transiver 978 y quiero saber si se puede conectar a una pc , para disponer de una pantalla mas grande , para recepción y TX. si existe algún software para ello.
    Muchas Gracias

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Ruben
      I am not too sure why are you asking this question here. It will be best if you ask the manufacturer of your transceiver.


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