mcHF availability

We are starting to resume sales of mcHF kits in all configurations. Current shipping time could still present some delays depending on country and customs across borders.

For individual purchase of cases I can share this link with you:


Sheathing plate will need minor DIY to fit with V0.6.3, but outer shell dimensions for most models advertised are identical.

Lucy Jeliazkova

11 thoughts on “mcHF availability

  1. Federico Martini

    Hi Chris and all.
    Just wishing to know if there is any date plan for 0.7 (and maybe 0.8) kit availability.
    Would like to order one, but the feeling to buy an old version ìs somehow blocking me.
    That is, if a few months are necessary for 0.7 kit availability, I will be happy to wait.
    Superbly outstanding work bytheway!

    –Federico IK0ADR

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello Federico
      I know exactly what you mean. We have been in development for nearly two years now but don’t have any release dates yet. There is still a lot of work needed and this is just before starting beta testing. It is very difficult to put a time frame to a release. It’s not going to be this calendar year for sure.
      Thank you for you kind words.

      1. Peter McCracken

        Hi there, I am trying to buy a kit and based in Ireland, everything for UK and EU is marked as out of stock, any idea when stock will be available again ? Thanks!

        1. m0nka Post author

          I just got my package released from customs @ Heathrow this morning after long 2 weeks wait. I’ll be releasing kits later today or tomorrow.
          Lucy Jeliazkova

          1. Robin Bagnall

            Hi Lucy
            Hope I have placed this message in the right place. Would it be possible to buy an RF Board from you for my project
            Kind Regards Robin Bagnall G3KYG

          2. Robin Bagnall

            Hi Lucy
            Just a thank-you for my rf board it is how up and running I only had 3 dry joints of my own making, one torid and the tiny transformer on the Rx side
            All working fine now.


  2. Kirk Paul Kunkel

    I don’t know if you’ll want to reply to this as I believe it’s a very controversial subject. But since I stumbled here I will give it a go. If you’d rather not discuss it I completely understand and will not ask again. O.K. Here goes.

    I have made quite a nuisance of myself a few times in the last year regarding your radio and the Chinese knock offs. You may not agree but as my whole career has been in manufacturing, I have a severe problem with very rich people sending their work to a communist country that needs “Anti Suicide” nets around the tops of their buildings to keep workers from jumping off. To be honest I’m more concerned with the West’s manufacturing status and the ability for a strong middle class to survive.

    Also, I have been told by several sources that your radio has been essentially “Highjacked”. Or should I just say, the design has been stolen. One of the last comments I received from a very agitated person was that, “I can’t afford radios like you rich guys can. Elecraft, Yaesu, Icom, etc. are all way too much money.” My reply to that would be, “Just save a little longer. The job you save could very well be your own.”

    I’m sorry I’ve missed the most important quote in regards to my argument. This gentleman said that the maker of the MChf radio “Gave” the design away. Others have the extremely weak argument that because you didn’t go to very complex and expensive measures to protect your “Invention”, that you somehow “Deserved” to have it stolen.

    So, even though you haven’t asked for my help, and, may well not need or want anyone’s help, I’ve been on a bit of a mini campaign to talk folks out of buying the Chinese version of your radio. I will feel very foolish indeed if I were to find that you have actually given China permission to make your radio.

    So if it’s not too personal, or simply just none of my damn business, could you tell me whether or not you have given anyone permission to manufacture your design. One suggested that you have done a sort of open source kind of thing. In other words just given it to the world. Again if you have I’ve been making a fool of myself. Of course it would not be the first or last time for that exercise.

    Have a good day and thank you for making such a beautiful radio. I have thought of buying one actually. To tell the truth though……well let’s just put it this way. I still have five thousand dollars of very nice remote control helicopter gear that has yet to be built. I’m not typically great about making my own stuff I’m ashamed to say.

    Thanks for your time no matter what your reply may or may not be,

    Concerned, hoping to stay middle class, ham radio operator.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hello and sorry for late reply. In short:
      We have not given permission for anyone to manufacture. We can not stop the ‘clones’ or influence the financial purchases of an individuals. We are great full to the Ham community for supporting the project and respecting the intellectual property. Small profit that we make goes back into financing the development of new products and we are happy to contributing and keeping the hobby alive this way. The open source also encourages all that have an itch for coding 🙂 to jump on board.

  3. Chuck Beck

    Hi Chris, I wanted to thank you for these amazing kits. As an owner of both the v 0.6 and 0.7 kits, I love the 0.7 – and prefer it. Are you going to offer these kits again?
    thanks again
    -wo9k, v31wo


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