mcHF Cases and How to Source Them

We will no longer supply cases for self build mcHF kits.

But don’t worry, it’s SUPER EASY to source the cases individually from AliExpress or eBay.

Search criteria is keyword ‘mcHF case’ and choosing criteria should be nothing but the price. All cases have exactly the same outer shell and accessory packs with buttons, screws, caps for encoders, speaker. The ONLY difference is the shielding plate and all variations of the plate need DIY modifications. The typical mod is to do with openings for the tall capacitors. Please check the video below for a visual explanation.

Prices vary between $39 to $45 plus delivery to your destination.





4 thoughts on “mcHF Cases and How to Source Them

  1. luigino

    the MCHF is also available in the future assembled, for the moment I have canceled the order I have other more important things to think about, I will think about the purchase later, in the meantime I will read the manual if I find one in Italian on the internet regards luigino

  2. ian Wooller

    I had a problem which caused me to reload Windows 10. The Computer now refuses to see the mcHF and only shows the Root Hub COM3 where it used to be.

    1. m0nka Post author

      Thank you for letting us know Dirk. Sorry for the late reply.
      I’ll make sure the information is distributed


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