Building Your Very Own mcHF

ONE-STOP packed full of information!

Preparing the Metal Shield,  building the UI board, mounting the Lcd, building the RF board and so much more. Thank you Dirk.


6 thoughts on “Building Your Very Own mcHF

  1. Stephen Wilcox

    I built a version rev 0.7 back in 2018 with just basic tools and it worked flawlessly. You guys sent me the full kit and it just worked. Recently, now I have all the test gear I went back and tested it and was impressed how well aligned it was and that it met spec except for power output on the 10M band (measures about 35dbm). I have used it constantly for all these years portable without issues. Except for this week, when a mismatched antenna sent RF about the radio, the menu option came up and things went wrong and I lost some of the menu functionality. The cure was to reset the memory which meant I had to go and recalibrate many of the calibration settings. All that worked but got me back into thinking about the radio build.
    After three years of using it totally built to print and never doing any firmware updates perhaps it is time to give it some updates. I have been following the forums which seem to concentrate on the cloans and version 0.6. There is not much about version 0.7. So, my question: what updates are worth doing and since my firmware is D2.5.106 should I consider updates? I don’t even know what the right procedure for a firmware update is because that seems to depend on the build standard and that all seems confusing because of so many conflicting advice on the mcHF groups discussions.
    A little help from the inventor would be appreciated.

  2. Divakar

    i am interested in getting the blank pcb’s
    do they come with
    1.complete bom
    2. is there a complete through hole version of pcb’s (if not 3 below)
    3. can i get PCB’s with SMD factory soldered ?
    4. Can PCB’s be delivered to Chennai , India?

    1. m0nka Post author

      1. BOM you can find on our Downloads page
      2. Not on all components, only on the components that we’ve chosen to be through-hole
      3. Planning to offer
      4. Royal Mail deliver worldwide, India including.

      Regards, Lucy

  3. Ruslan

    I want to say a huge thank you to all those People who have made efforts to create such a People’s Transceiver! I want to build a transceiver. I live in Russia (the city of Kazan), you do not send ready-made kits to Russia. Me and not, I myself like working with a soldering iron – it gives pleasure (to create)! Can I buy both boards? And how much does it cost with shipping to Russia?

    1. m0nka Post author

      If you want just the blank pcb boards, I’ll gave them back in stock end of next month. All other inquiries, email me directly for faster responce


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