New LCD driver in 0.169

Finally the new update is done. Version of the mcHF firmware 0.169 is up for download in the Latest Releases section. Now all three types of LCDs could be used with the UI board – the original HY28A SPI only, the old HY28A parallel only and the new dual interface HY28A. The latest source code is also available for download.

The bad news here is that the parallel only and the dual interface LCD has it’s panel installed upside down (180 degree rotated). It was probably more convenient for the manufacturer for internal wiring, but since the panel has non symmetric bezel, now the function buttons on screen and the front panel cut do not match exactly.

I am still thinking of possible solution, the choices are:

  • New revision of the UI board, with rotated LCD footprint
  • New UI board with function buttons moved left a bit, plus new front panel with re-designed cut for the LCD to match the bezel and buttons cuts moved as well


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