4 thoughts on “MCHF Building Tips

  1. Darel Jackson

    Hi Chris; would like to know if you have any ver.6.3 un populated boards available? If so, I’m interested in ordering a couple sets. Let me know if these boards are discontinued.
    Thanks Darel

  2. Marvin Robinson

    Yes, I like to order one. I will notify you on Mon. the 9th. Thanks for the speedy reply…Marvin

  3. Marvin Robinson

    When will the mcHF Kit Fully Built – USA ONLY version be available? I would like to pre-order. Thanks in advance…Marvin

    1. m0nka Post author

      Hi Marvin. The new batch of kits should arrive in the US this Friday. Please email me Mon 9th Aug for confirmation. Assembly takes some time so no need for pre-order but I’ll have in mind that you wish to proceed with ordering one.


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